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Ground Surveillance Radars & Cameras

PGSR-SR ‘Dobermann II’

Short-Range Ground Surveillance Radar

PGSR-SR ‘Dobermann II’

PGSR-SR ‘Dobermann II’ offers a simple and efficient solution for the purpose of area and object protection. It is a high-resolution, state-of-the-art continuously staring radar which is capable of continuous surveillance of the protected area. The low radiating device, which can also be fix-mounted, provides continuous surveillance. The moving-part-free digital beamforming solution ensures long, maintenance-free operation.

Advanced and cost-effective area protection solution
Free of any moving parts
Can observe and cover large areas
Can detect live targets from 400 m
Can detect vehicles from 600 m
Can be easily integrated with other areasurveillance sensors
Very low false alarm rate (low FAR)
Automatic slew-to-cue, when integrated with PTZ cameras
Built-in, automatic filters, easy to understand radar screen
Easy installation, user friendly operation platform, GUI 
Mobile device operating and pairing - blue force tracking in real time, completely unattended operation with Multi Site capabilities
Tested according to MIL-STD-810G



PGSR-SR ‘Dobermann II’ is an advanced and cost-effective area protection solution for the purpose of object protection in both open and built-up area. It can also be used as an additional sensor for border protection systems. It is a digital beam forming radar free of any moving parts, which can cost-effectively cover and continuously observe large areas. The device can detect live targets from the distance of 400 meters or vehicles from 600 meters. Its small size and weight makes it easy to install, and its extremely low consumption makes it is very easy to operate.


  • Dobermann II.
  • Dobermann II.
  • Dobermann II.


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