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Ground Surveillance Radars & Cameras

PGSR-3iFT ’Beagle’

Tower-Mounted Ground Surveillance Radar

PGSR-3iFT ’Beagle’

PGSR-3iFT 'Beagle' is a battlefield-proven radar system for ground surveillance and artillery observation. Beagles are in operation as the primary solution in several (8-10) NATO member and partner countries, with the best usability rate. Furthermore the PGSR-3iFT ’Beagle’ is a tower-mounted radar for detection, tracking and classification of targets moving on or close to the ground.

FMCW radar technology
Mounted on the top of the tower
Collecting information from 360°
Continous operating
Key element of early warning
Cannot be disturbed by neighboring radars
Controlled by ADAMS software
Remote operation with IP communication
Long detection ranges
Integration with camera subsystems, C4i systems, local operation 
Instrumental range 40 km (optional) - NATO directive detection ranges
Key element of large border security systems
Tested according to MIL-STD-810G



The radar PGSR-3iFT ’Beagle’ is member of the PGSR Beagle family of FMCW radars, making use of all advantages specific to this excellent and well-proven radar class. Mounted on top of towers, it is watching and collecting information from the surrounding area practically from 360 degree. Numerous camera vendors are supported; new camera integration is standard procedure. Optionally camera integration/control hardware is available. The PGSR-3iFT ’Beagle’ radar is key element of sensor systems for early warning, illegal border crossing prevention and threat recognition along extensive border sections in desert or harsh environment. Improve the resilience passive cooling was deployed, no ventilator used for cooling. If several radars are operated, neighboring radars cover shadow zones of each other, to achieve full coverage of surveillance area. Radar operating channels are selectable and adjustable. Neighboring radars do not disturb each other even if radiating and receiving signals over a common area. The PGSR-3iFT ’Beagle’ radars are the highest level ruling intelligent units in the radar-camera-sensor modules hierarchy. The radar controls cameras: activates, directs, ”slews to cue” etc.



  • PGSR-3iFT ‘Beagle’
  • PGSR-3iFT ‘Beagle’
  • PGSR-3iFT ‘Beagle’
  • PGSR-3iFT ‘Beagle’
  • PGSR-3iFT ‘Beagle’
  • PGSR-3iFT ‘Beagle’


Multiple connected Beagle FT radars provide hermetical protection against illegal border crossers

Radars and cameras mounted on towers

Integrated in system: local, medium size or C4I

Thermal and daylight camera ranges are matched to radar range


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