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Ground Surveillance Radars & Cameras

'IFP' Integrated Reconnaissance Platform

Integrated Reconnaissance Platform


The ‘IFP’ Integrated Reconnaissance Platform is complex sensor system combined with a unique single mast solution for limitless operation.

 Vehicle mounted, single mast solution
 360° coverage for both radar and camera system
Integrated radar, high resolution dual camera and leveling unit
Detects any movements and provides detailed image 
 FMCW radar technology 
 Camera 'slew-to-cue' function
Records continously and can be replayed at any time
Long time surveillance scenarios
 Easy-to-operate user interface
Rugged design
Tested according to MIL-STD-810G



The ‘IFP’ Integrated Reconnaissance Platform is complex sensor system combined with a unique single mast solution for limitless operation. The sensor system consists of a dual camera system with built in Laser Range Finder (LRF) and a Ground Surveillance Radar (GSR) as well as a heavy duty Leveling Unit for compensating the slope of the vehicle. The entire platform is designed to withstand harsh environmental condition in the operational area without the need to dismount from the vehicle. The Leveling Unit has high payload capacity and built-in sensor for automatically perform the slope compensation withinthe range of +/-15 degree. 


The PGSR-3i 'Beagle' Mk II. radar is mounted on the Leveling Unit with a special Rotator Unit which supports sectorial and continuous 360 degree scanning. This solution provides solid and stable platform for the dual camera system onthe top of the mast without blocking Line of Sight of the camera as well as the GSR. The GSR Antenna Unit can be easily removed from the mast and deployed on a tripod up to 100 meters away form the vehicles if the operational scenario requires. The GSR optionally has special artillery mode in which it is capable to detect and determine the coordinates of artillery shells with NATO Class-1 accuracy and forward them to fire control systems. 


The high resolution dual camera systems is Pro Patria Electronics' (PPE) own developed solution consists of uncooled thermal camera and daylight camera with integrated LRF for accurately measuring target distances (Bordercam). The high precision Pan and Tilt Unit of the dual camera system combined with the LRF provides another NATO Class-1 measurement capability for the operator ensuring high reliability performance on any kind of operational scenario. 


The GSR and the dual camera system is integrated into PPE’s ADAMS software suit which gives the operator full control of all sensors on a simple, user friendly interface. The ADAMS software is already integrated in different C2 and C4i systems in order to support the commanders with reliable information.



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