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Ground Surveillance Radars & Cameras

'Pointer' Passive Coherent Locator System

Passive Coherent Locator-Radar System


'Pointer' is a short-to-middle range passive radar for air surveillance applications.

No radio frequency transmission
Fully covert operation
Detects low flying targets (e.g.: commercial drone)
Automatic AI based classification
Staring radar
Suited for remote, single node and networked operation
Low system and maintenance cost 
All weather, day-night operation
Automatic Bulit-in test



As a passive radar, to detect moving targets it is able to utilize the already existing radio frequency sources in the environment instead of actively illuminating the surveillance area. The utilized illuminators, or so-called Illuminators of Opportunity (IoO) are typically broadcasting signals. The system is designed to exploit digital television signals (DVB-T, Digital Video Broadcast - Terrestrial) in the UHF band to detect various aerial targets ranging from low flying small-sized multirotor drones up to bigger sized airliners. Due to the flexible and modular hardware design, the system can be upgraded to also exploit FM radio illumination, providing even greater detection ranges for large aircrafts. Since the radar has no RF emission it is able to operate fully covert without the need of frequency authorization.


Due to the applied technologies the startup investment and the maintenance cost of the Pointer is significantly lower compared to conventional active radars, which arise from the fact that the system has minimal hardware requirements and applies state-of-the-art signal processing technologies. This also provides extremely high MTBF. With deploying multiple systems, the surveillance of entire border sections could be covered cost efficiently.


The Radar is designed for easy integration with command and control systems and other surveillance equipment such as Electro-optical sensors. It is interfaced with standard Ethernet connection to further ease the integration of the system.


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