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Ground Surveillance Radars & Cameras

PMS2 ‘Sentinel’

Man-Portable Mid-Range Multi-Sensor System

PMS2 ‘Sentinel’

The PMS2 ‘Sentinel’ is offering a lightweight, cost-efficient and easy to deploy solution optimized for silent battery operation with long runtime. The system provides a very good Return of Investment solution for the user.

Man-portable multi-sensor system
Integrated radar and camera system
FMCW technology (radar)
Detects any movements and provides detailed image 
'Slew-to-cue' function 
8 hours surveillance operation
Easy-to-operate user interface
Records continously and can be replayed at any time
Long time surveillance scenarios
Quick deployment
Rugged design
Tested according to MIL-STD-810G



The system integrates two surveillance sensors, a PGSR-3i ‘Beagle’ Radar unit and an Electro-Optical Sensor Array. The PGSR-3i ‘Beagle’ provides continuous observation of a large area detecting any movements, while the Electro-Optical Sensor Array provides detailed image of any detected targets for accurate identification useable in both day and night operation. The Electro-Optical Sensor and the Radar are mounted on their individual tripods and connected to the Operator Unit via cables and interface boxes. The standard military batteries provide enough power for 8 hours surveillance scenarios, but the independent operating time can be extended with extra battery sets or vehicle generator/battery. The operating platform is the Pro Patria Electronics Ltd developed ADAMS (ADAptive Multisensor System), and provides an easy-to-operate user interface, offering the possibility of multi-tasking and educated decision-taking for the operator. The software is capable of utilizing different map formats and displaying the detected targets over the map. The video of the cameras and the control functions are also integrated into the same system proving automatic Slew to Cue functions. Surveillance data and user interaction is recorded and can be replayed for further/later analysis.

Vehicle Mounted Ground Surveillance System

Mid-Range Multi-Sensor System
PMS2 ‘Sentinel’


Display and Control sensors from one user interface
Support of multiple monitors and split screens
Record and replay of all displayed data
Automatic optical target follow
Periodic polling of optical marker points


  • PMS2 ‘Sentinel’
  • PMS2 ‘Sentinel’


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