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Ground Surveillance Radars & Cameras


Through Hole Pan And Tilt Unit


‘Atlas’ Through Hole Pan and Tilt Unit is a two-axis mechanism that was own-designed and developed by Pro Patria Electronics for ground surveillance radar and electro-optical camera system to provide positioning even in windy conditions and enable angular motion in azimuth and elevation.

Multi-purpose usage (radar, camera)
Low power consumption
Uninterrupted movement of the sensors
Fast motion
Reliable in harsh environment
Customer-tailored camouflage pattern

Pan and Tilt Unit

Through Hole Pan And Tilt Unit


There is a D183mm diameter hole along the horizontal axis of the gearbox, which allows it to be threaded onto a telescopic mast. Thus, when integrated into a vehicle, the folded height can be minimized, and when open, the sensor at the top of the mast (in our case a radar) moves away from the camera, so they do not interfere with each other in motion or electronics (compass).
Stabilized gearbox
Internal cabling (Thermal / Daylight camera can be docked to the drive)
The sensor cables at the top of the mast are routed through the ‘Atlas’ Through Hole Pan and Tilt Unit


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